Boxing Classes in Bury


Led by Jonny Okihere, 4-0, (see Jonny in action above) our hybrid Boxing and Thai Boxing sessions are designed for MMA and self defence environments. There are fundamental differences between Boxing and Thai Boxing as their own sports and applying those sports in Mixed Martial Arts. While many of the approaches cross over, some do not. The advent of MMA showed that not only was it necessary to learn wider grappling skills but the continual blending of these skills has led to the adaption of MMA striking approaches.

We focus on the fundamental skills of Boxing and Thai Boxing: base, footwork, posture, and angles. Our classes are full contact but that contact is light and must be considerate of your partner. As John Kavanagh, head MMA coach to Conor McGregor has said many times “if we are not being paid, we don’t take heavy shots”. As scientific research on brain damage and concussions caused by strikes continues to unveil worrying data, its important that our classes reflect the data with a healthy approach to skill development that is never at the expense of our brains.

What you will need:

  1. A gumshield
  2. A pair of boxing gloves.

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