Training For Everyone

People come to our world-class martial arts training for many reasons: to learn self-defense and discipline, to reduce stress and improve health, or simply to have fun. No matter your motivation, you’ll find your tribe at Straight Blast Gym

Every person who walks through our door:

  • Stays healthy while learning something new & having fun
  • Loses weight, improve fitness, & develop a healthy lifestyle
  • Makes new friendships & surround themselves with people who want to make them better & help them succeed.

Mixed Martial Arts is a full combat sport that allows both striking, clench fighting and grappling. The techniques used are from various Combat Sports/MMA such as, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Kick Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai and more. Here at SBG Missoula all our classes are delivered in a fun and informative manner regardless of ability levels. 

  • Powerful throws and takedowns
  • Seamless transition strategies
  • Effective locks, chokes, and holds
  • Submission skills for any situation

Ladies Only MMA Classes

Our Ladies Only MMA classes consist of a blended mixture of Thaiboxing and Western boxing, Wrestling / Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They are designed primarily for self defence and as an introduction to build confidence prior to training in mixed gender classes.

These classes go at the pace of each individual. If you aren’t ready to engage in striking that’s no problem. We keep our classes light contact with a heavy emphasis on grappling techniques, safety and having fun.

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